VE6BV Estate Items for Sale

Daiwa NS-660A  $60

HF & VHF SWR & Power meter, cross-needles, three scales - 30/300/3000 watts.

Daiwa NS-663B  $60

VHF & UHF SWR & Power meter, cross-needles, two scales - 30 & 300 watts.

Yaesu YM-34  $ 25

Nice physical condition desk mic from early 1980's. Labels worn off but works well. NOTE: Has had electret element and preamp board added, and wired for Icom.  (No idea why VE6BV did this, but that was Hellmut...)

Heathkit GD-1B  $60

Late 1950's generation grid dip meter, with original coils. Recently updated with new electrolytics & cleaned. Working pretty well.

Central Electronics 200V $ offer?
A BIG transmitter from the 1950's. Only a few hundred were ever made.  Not tested, but looks intact. Includes rough original manual. May ship but will be expensive.

B+K Precision Model 179 $ 80?
Portable FET VOM, in good shape with new batteries. No probes though.

Simpson Model 372 $ offer?
Ohm meter in leather case. In good shape though needs new probes. Added a new 1.5v battery and most ranges work. To enable the x10k and x100k ranges it needs two 30v batteries.

Heath SG-8 $ offer?
Heathkit RF signal generator. Mechanically in good shape but no RF output. 

Heathkit IG-72 $ offer?
Audio generator. Powers on & outputs a signal but distorted. Some TLC required.

HyGain Roto-Brake $ offer?
Controller only for older rotators. Spin a wheel to point the arrow at the region of the world you want the rotator to aim at! Not yet tested.

Alliance U-100 $ offer?
A classic 1960's rotator controller, for 4 wire rotators. Works OK.

Realistic "Disco" Mixer  $ offer ?

Radio Shack (Realistic) audio mixer, two mic inputs and three stereo inputs.

E.F. Johnson Low Pass Filter  $ offer ?

B+W 425 Low Pass Filter  $ offer ?

Several amplifiers are available, though primarily home-brew. Amps include:

Homebrew with 4CX250
Homebrew with 1 x 813
Homebrew with 2 x 813
Homebrew with 3 x 813
Homebrew with 2 x 3-500Z

NOTE:  For ALL amplifier-related questions please contact Gerard, VE6ZZZ, by email:   ciw315 at yahoo dot com

General Guidelines

  • Feel free to make an offer on any item, but please keep it reasonable! 
  • The proceeds are going directly to Hellmut's daughter and grandkids. 
  • More items may appear at any time, so check back occasionally!
  • Prices do not include shipping.