VE6BV Estate Items for Sale

Shure 444's $ 40 each   
With audio transformer for modern rigs. Currently wired for Icom. Several available. I can re-wire for other brands if you are not able.

Drake TR-3 $ 300
With RV-4 remote VFO/speaker and AC-4 power supply. Tested & working OK. Decent condition though could use an internal cleaning to bring the beautiful copper chassis back to its original shine. 

Icom IC-761 $ 425
S/N 01005 In very nice condition, a real classic. With original box and user manual. Will include either hand mic or a Shure 444.

Icom IC-765 $ 425
S/N 01780 In good shape overall, though Rx seems a bit noisy, maybe PLL trimmer issue? Includes voice synthesizer. Will include either a hand mic or a Shure 444, and a user manual.

Icom IC-765 $ 400
S/N 04750 In good overall shape, though has no Rx or Tx in 8-15 MHz until rig warms up. Includes TCXO and voice synthesizer. Will include either a hand mic or a Shure 444 and a user manual.

Icom IC-756 ProII $ 475 offer ?
With hand mic & manual. In overall good condition, can be used as-is, but has two issues. #1. Rx front-end was damaged and repaired as well as possible without replacing boards. If Tx'ing on higher bands, must dial in some Rx attenuation or the Tx will oscillate. #2 The Tuner controller IC was damaged in the same event. The tuner itself appears fine. OR if you have a spare CTRL board in good shape, let me know!  

Icom IC-745 $ offer?
After some work this IC-745 transmits and receives fairly well, but it needs a bit more TLC to make it more reliable. Some rust on metal. Will include spare parts (PA, RF board etc) from another 745.

Yaesu FT-101B $ 175
Receives ok but transmit output is around 60w. In overall decent shape but needs some TLC. Includes manual and both AC & mobile power cords.

Drake CC-1, TC-2 and TC-6 $ 350
Rare CC-1 Converter Console, including 2m and 6m receive converter modules. Also included are the TC-2 and TC-6 transmitting converters, and a spare SC-2 receive converter. Not tested.

Heathkit HW-100 $ offer?
With the HP-23A power supply & speaker and manual. Powers on but needs a lot of work.

Yaesu FTDX-400  $ offer?
With external speaker. Appears intact & powers on, but case screws are missing & no Rx or Tx...

B&W 5100B $ offer?
A massive CW & AM transmitter. From about 1955-1961. Manual included. Not tested. Includes the optional SSB generator module. Very heavy, maybe too big to ship!

Central Electronics 200V $ offer?
A BIG transmitter from the 1950's. Only a few hundred were ever made.  Not tested, but looks intact. Includes rough original manual. May ship but will be expensive.

CGE KL-500 $ offer?
Canadian General Electric shortwave & AM receiver in wood case. Not tested, likely needs some work.

Microwave Modules MMT-432/28 $ offer?
432 MHz linear transverter to 28 MHz, typically for satellite use. Not tested.

Homebrew 20A 13.8V Supply  $ offer

A privately-built linear power supply, with two sets of banana plugs on output. Tests OK. Has labels saying it was used at CKXL radio station.

Tektronix 453A  $ offer

60 MHz dual-trace oscilloscope, with delay features on channel 2, A high-end unit for the 1970's. Mechanically in decent shape, but some issues with input channels - needs work. Includes probes.

Advance Instruments OS1000  $ offer

20 MHz dual trace scope from mid 1970's. Works OK though could use some alignment.

Heathkit HM-102 $ 40 - offer?
HF SWR & power meter, with 200 & 2kW ranges and remotable sensor. Recently calibrated, works ok.

Home-brew power meter $ offer?
A 3 kW PEP bar-graph power meter, ac powered. Works but needs calibration.

B+K Precision Model 179 $ offer?
Portable FET VOM, in good shape with new batteries. No probes though.

No-Name DT838  $ offer?

Compact low-cost digital multi-meter. Works ok. Has probes.

Matrix DT830B $ offer?
Compact low-cost digital multi-meter, new battery. Works ok. No probes.

Simpson Model 372 $ offer?
Ohm meter in leather case. In good shape though needs new probes. Added a new 1.5v battery and most ranges work. To enable the x10k and x100k ranges it needs two 30v batteries.

Heathkit V-7A $ offer?
Heathkit VTVM. Powers on and works fairly well. (very accurate on ohms scale) New battery. May need new probes. (kit available on eBay) Will include a 2nd meter for parts.

Heath SG-8 $ offer?
Heathkit RF signal generator. Mechanically in good shape but no RF output. 

Heathkit IG-72 $ offer?
Audio generator. Powers on & outputs a signal but distorted. Some TLC required.

HyGain Ham-2 Rotator  $ offer?

Rotator with a CDE controller. Works OK, but the direction indicating potentiometer needs to be cleaned.

HyGain Roto-Brake $ offer?
Controller only for older rotators. Spin a wheel to point the arrow at the region of the world you want the rotator to aim at! Not yet tested.

Alliance U-100 $ offer?
A classic 1960's rotator controller, for 4 wire rotators. Works OK.

Several amplifiers are available, though primarily home-brew. Amps include:

Homebrew with 4CX250
Homebrew with 1 x 813
Homebrew with 2 x 813
Homebrew with 3 x 813
Homebrew with 2 x 3-500Z

NOTE:  For any amplifier-related questions please contact Gerard, VE6ZZZ, by email:

ciw315 at yahoo dot com

General Guidelines

  • Feel free to make an offer on any item, but please keep it reasonable! 
  • The proceeds are going directly to Hellmut's daughter and grandkids. 
  • More items may appear at any time, so check back occasionally!
  • Prices do not include shipping.

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