My Traffie hexbeam and off-center fed dipole on a Glen Martin roof-mount tower.

About ME

My ham activities

I've been a ham since 1991, mostly operating HF and restoring older rigs. Previous callsign was VE6VOX. My favorite rigs to work on are first-generation all-solid-state types, though I've dabbled with tube rigs too. (Drake TR-3, Kenwood TS-530 etc)

Favorite rigs include the Drake TR7, Ten Tec Triton IV, Atlas 210X and Kenwood TS-180S. 

It's not ALL ham radio!

I'm involved in the local folk music scene too. I play guitar and sing a bit for fun, but my main musical passion is to get on stage as the Emcee of the Rocky Mountain Folk Club. (in operation for 44 years and counting!)

Home page of our folk club, should you be curious, is : 

The ham community

I've been a member of CARA (Calgary Amateur Radio Association) for many years, and am also a member of FARS (Foothills Amateur Radio Society), QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association), the ARRL, and of course RAC. (Radio Amateurs of Canada)

Most recently I've joined the True Blue DX'ers club. Their primary aim is to get hams actually talking with each other!

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Amateur radio station VE6EI

88 Inverness Lane SE, Calgary, Alberta T2Z 2Y5, Canada

Or call me: 403-701-9727